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Service Advantage

Service Advantage

1. Country: USA

2. Product limitation: it only accepts ordinary goods, and it’s not allowed to deliver any package that includes electricity, fake brand, liquid, and powder and other sensitive goods.

3. Package delivering time: After printing labels, the tracking number is shown up, and the package can be picked up(except flight delay or custom clearance delay) after 4-7 days and it will be signed by customers in 8-10 days.

4. Other property: This line is duty free for custom clearance, and it can only accept FBA address and commercial address, and it cannot accept any other personal address.

Package Limitation

1. If one order that has more than one package. The weight of less than 15 kg shall be charged 5 rmb per kg for a single package that is under 15 kg. (use larger number as you compared two weight data.) The added weight is equal to 15kg minus the weight of the box, which requires an integer.

2. One package between 20kg and 300 kg.

3. A single piece package weight: under 30 kg. If it’s over 30kg, it needs to charge extra overweight fee.

4. Size requirements: the total length of the three sides should not exceed 300cm; The longest side is no more than 1.2 meters. It needs to charge extra fee if it exceeds.


1. Charge the price according to KG

2. Calculate weight: using the larger number (measure the volume weight and actual weight) Volume coefficient:6000.